How to Stop Hiccups

how to stop hiccups

Hiccups that start suddenly and sometimes last for a long time can be very annoying. We have all tried many methods to get rid of these crises. But sometimes no matter what you do, you may not be able to stop hiccups for long periods of time. Therefore, we have compiled a guide that will tell you how to get rid of hiccups. Let’s review how to stop hiccups.

First of all, we’d like to ask if you’ve ever thought, “How long did the longest hiccups last”? The world record in this regard may surprise you a little. Because the record for the longest hiccups belongs to the American Charles Osborne, and the hiccups that started in 1922 continued until 1990 without stopping.

So Osborne hiccuped for 68 years. It is estimated that the hiccup man Osborne has hiccuped 430 million times in 68 years. So what is hiccup and how do they occur?

stop hiccup
Charles Osborne hiccuped for 68 years because of a brain tumor.


What Is Hiccup?

During hiccups, our diaphragm contracts. This causes air to fill our lungs. At that moment, the sound of hiccups occurs because the vocal cords are suddenly closed. In addition, experts have identified more than 100 medical conditions that cause hiccups. Most of these are harmless. Sometimes even medications can cause it. Laughing, drinking too much alcohol, eating fast are some examples of harmless causes.

Furthermore, crises that exceed 48 hours and cannot be stopped can have a serious medical cause. If you have a problem that lasts for such a long time, we recommend that you see a specialist. For the types of hiccups, which are generally harmless, you can follow the recommendations below.

4 Great Tips to Stop Hiccups

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How to Stop Hiccups?

  1. Sip Water

    sensitive. So by sipping water, you can distract the brain by stimulating this nerve. This distraction takes your body out of the routine and stops your hiccups.
    sip water to stop hiccups

  2. Sniffing a Strong-Smelling Substance

    Smelling a strong-smelling substance can again distract your brain and get you out of this cycle.smell

  3. Breath Into a Paper Bag/Hold Your Breath

    These are the most well-known methods. The main purpose here is to increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the body. Because, in this way, contraction of the diaphragm can be prevented. Blocking these contractions will save you from hiccups.breathe

  4. Plug Your Ears With Your Hand

    The aim here is to stimulate your vagus nerve. You can disrupt your routine by stimulating your vagus nerve, which has become sensitive.
    plug ears to stop hiccups

Create Your Own Tips

To sum up, it has been verified by many people that the above information works. In addition, it is much more important that you understand what changes you need to make in your body by following these tips.

Basically, increasing the carbon dioxide level or stimulating the vagus nerve are the most beneficial methods. For example, you can also bite a lemon or ice to stimulate the vagus nerve. Moreover, you can use different methods to increase your carbon dioxide level.

In addition to the ones listed above, you can also discover your own method. So what do you do to get rid of hiccups? How long was your longest episode of hiccups? For any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us in the comments section.

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