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With the development of the aviation industry in recent years, the interest in airline pilots has increased. Do you think it is necessary to have very special skills to be a pilot? Or can the average human become a pilot after adequate training? In this post, we will look for the answer to the question of how to be a pilot. In fact, we will talk about what qualifications one should have in order to be a pilot.

Before we start our article, we would like to state that it is not necessary to have very special skills to be a pilot. Anyone who is disciplined, hardworking, has a strong personality and is passionate about aviation can become a pilot. Of course, pilots must pass many tests successfully. Because they are responsible for hundreds of people at an altitude of about 35,000 feet above the ground. But as we mentioned at the beginning, it is not difficult to pass these tests with very hard work.

As you know, the pilot profession is very prestigious and they earn quite well . Also, if you consider that the office where the pilots work is above the clouds, the idea of becoming a pilot is really appealing. Also a pilot can travel to many parts of the world for free. This and many other benefits have made the piloting profession even more popular in recent years.

The pandemic period hit the aviation industry hard. But according to experts, the industry does not need much longer to recover. This means the industry will need more pilots to fly in the skies in the coming years. At the same time, we wanted to write about the features that candidates should have at the most basic level. After completing this article, you will learn what characteristics a pilot should have.

Crew Resource Management

If you are looking for ways to be a pilot, you will hear the term “CRM” many times. Here it’s the dictionary meaning of crew resource management;

“Crew resource management or cockpit resource management is a set of training procedures for use in environments where human error can have devastating effects. CRM is primarily used for improving aviation safety and focuses on interpersonal communication, leadership, and decision making in aircraft cockpits.”

In short, training programs in CRM are an essential tool for improving a team’s performance to reduce the impact of what is known as “human error” and optimize execution through the use of all available resources. To make it simpler, CRM, which has 7 components, lists exactly the features that pilots should have. Let’s examine what are the personality traits that a pilot should technically have.

The first quality a pilot should have is situational awareness. If we want to explain situational awareness in its simplest form, we can say that the pilot has command of what is going on around him. Pilots should constantly check the condition of the instruments they use while navigating. In addition, a pilot constantly monitors the weather conditions outside and the physical environment inside the cockpit. A pilot with good situational awareness quickly notices the slightest change in the environment. Thus, pilots prevent changes from causing errors. Every pilot should be aware of everything that is going on around him.

The age we live in is the age of communication. The most important feature that a pilot should have is the ability to communicate. In any case, you should have effective communication. A pilot should be able to convey his thoughts very clearly to the others. Likewise, he should have the capacity to understand the feelings and thoughts of other people. It is important to remember that lack of communication caused many plane crashes.

Team work skills

Another feature that a pilot should have is that he is suitable for teamwork. Pilots must work harmoniously within the aircraft to ensure efficient use of crew and resources. Even in the most challenging missions, pilots get successful results many times through teamwork. The most beautiful example about this situation is the Hudson river crash. (Click here for more detailed information.)

Another must-have feature is leadership. A pilot candidate must always have leadership qualities. In order to get his plane safely to its destination, a pilot must lead the team in a powerful and efficient manner.

As you all know, although being a pilot seems like a very advantageous profession, it is a very difficult profession to perform. Long night flights and time zone differences in intercontinental flights are very tiring. In this case, a pilot must do the workforce and fatigue management perfectly. As you know, in this profession the slightest mistake may have deadly consequences. A tired, under-rested pilot cannot operate effectively. In such cases, workforce management is very important to avoid danger.

Moreover, a pilot who does his job well has to use his decision-making skills very well, even under the most adverse conditions. Even in the most difficult situations, he should keep his cool, focus on the situation and make the right decision. In many tests, experts follow the decision-making processes of the candidates under pressure. Making the right decisions will save many people’s lives if an adverse situation occurs when you are thousands of feet above the ground.   Again, the Hudson river accident is the best example of a right decision making skill. 

Stress management

Finally, the last feature a pilot should have is stress management. As we said before, considering the responsibilities it carries, the piloting profession is quite stressful. Sometimes the mistakes you make or the decisions you make, can have positive or negative effects on many people’s lives. In this case, being able to control the stress level is one of the absolute qualities that a candidate should have. High stress levels may cause many problems. It’s also not right to be stress-free at all. It is unthinkable for a pilot who does not have the right stress level to lead, make the right decision, or communicate effectively.

Let’s think again, here is the main question!

How to be a pilot?

There are 7 basic personal qualities that an individual must have to become a pilot.  
1- Situational awareness
2- Communication
3- Teamwork
4- Leadership
5- Workforce and fatigue management
6- Decision making
7- Stress management

In conclusion, in this post, we talked about the personality traits that should be possessed at the most basic level for those who are interested in this profession. If you are looking for the answer to the question of how to be a pilot, first of all, you should check whether your personality traits are suitable for this profession or not. It is not possible to be a pilot without having the features we mentioned. In our next articles, we will talk about what training should be taken and which tests should be passed in order to work in airlines. If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to contact us in the comments section.

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