How to Be a Good Learner

how to be a good learner

People spend the first years of their lives in education. This training period can be boring at times when you are a small child. But as we get older, we realize how valuable the basic training we receive is. In fact, when you look at the common characteristics of successful people, you will see that they are involved in a never-ending education process. Learning to learn is a very important issue in a never-ending educational process. In this article, we will look for an answer to the question of how to be a good learner.

Basic education creates the infrastructure of the information we will use in our lives. But once you have the foundation, you must continue to build. Otherwise, you cannot reveal a building. Initial training is very important. The learning processes that will continue later are just as important. If you discover how you can be a more productive learner at an early age, you can increase your knowledge accordingly.

It is not possible to reach a successful position just by completing basic training. If you want to be successful and progress in business life, you must constantly renew yourself. Now the world around us is constantly changing. Individuals who do not update their knowledge without keeping up with this change, unfortunately, fall behind. That’s why constantly learning new information will keep you updated.

Experience Cannot Be Bought With Money

We use many different methods when solving the problems we encounter in daily life. As the old saying goes, experience cannot be bought with money. Our experience, which is too valuable to be bought with money, helps us a lot in solving problems. Trying to solve existing problems by looking at the situations you have encountered before is the most common method. But sometimes we also need to solve problems that we encounter for the first time. This is where our problem-solving ability plays a very important role.

experience is too valuable to be bought with money

In order to solve problems that we encounter for the first time, we must first fully understand the problem. If a solution is tried to be found before the problem is fully understood, it will not be easy to find a solution. Therefore, it is essential to first understand the problem. Being a good learner at this stage will take you one step further. Because good learners can deal with problems more easily.

Learning to learn is trying to find solutions to new problems with the information you have. People who know how to learn find solutions more easily. Also, you don’t forget the things you have solved with your own skills. Because we forget most of the information we have been taught since childhood. But we don’t forget the knowledge we gained after solving a problem with our own efforts. That’s why learning to solve problems is much more valuable.

How to Learn Something

Learning processes are different for each individual. While some learn much easier and faster, for others it may take a little more time and effort. Therefore, we cannot say that learning takes place in a specific way. But by talking about some methods, we can explain the learning processes in general.

Learning processes are different for each individual

For some of us, learning with visuals is easier, while others may find it easier to learn by listening. At this point, you need to discover the learning style that is unique to you. The next steps will be even easier if you discover how you can learn more easily.

There are also other factors that affect learning. For example, some people prefer to work in very quiet environments, while others find it more efficient to work in crowded environments. This totally differs from person to person. But the most important element in learning is motivation. If you cannot provide the necessary motivation, it will be very difficult to improve yourself and learn new things. So learning how to motivate yourself will be very useful for you.

Unfortunately, in this part of our article, we cannot tell you a magic way to learn. Because each individual’s learning style is different. You need to discover your own learning style based on your past experiences. Only after this discovery can you become a good learner.

There is not a magic way to learn.
There is not a magic way to learn.

Effective Methods You Can Use While Learning

The first thing we do when starting the learning process is to read the written materials of that job. Usually we all do this. But it is not easy to learn permanently just by reading material. When people apply what they have learned, their knowledge becomes more permanent. For example, you decided to learn English. It is not possible to learn permanently by opening the dictionary and looking at the meanings of the words. But if you use the words you have learned in sentences, you will realize that you learn more actively and permanently.

People forget information they don’t use over time. Even if you actively learn a piece of information, if you do not use it for a long time, it will be very easy to forget it. So repetition is an important issue. It will be useful to repeat the information you have obtained periodically.

People forget information they don't use over time.

Another effective learning method is to pass on what you have learned to others. By transferring the knowledge you have learned to others, you will reinforce it. It’s also a good tactic to continually improve what you learn. But the thing to note here is that when updating your information, it can be superimposed on previous information. In other words, you may have difficulty in learning advanced knowledge without having a sufficient foundation in a subject. Therefore, it would be logical to determine a learning method from the basics to the details.

You can also do more detailed research on effective learning techniques to be a good learner. At this stage, you will see that there are many studies on this subject. Effective learning can be achieved with many different methods, such as associating new information with existing information, and visual learning techniques.


If you are wondering how to be a good learner, you can carefully apply the tactics we mentioned above. If you can provide the necessary motivation, there is no information that you cannot learn. Also, learning how to learn is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Because people who know how to learn can find solutions to the problems they encounter much more easily. This will take you one step ahead of everyone else. For any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us in the comments section.

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