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How to Calm Anxiety

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How to calm anxiety

If you feel anxious for no real reason and you can’t control it, we can say that you have an anxiety disorder. It’s normal to feel a little bit anxious in everyday life situations. But as this level increases, your quality of life may decrease. You can even see the effects on your body at this point. Shivering, sweating and sleep disorders are some of them. Therefore, getting rid of these negative effects will increase your quality of life. The living conditions are getting worse day by day. Financial concerns and uncertainties about the future can create some anxiety on all of us. In fact, it’s healthy to have a certain level of anxiety. But if this level is increasing more and more, you should fix it before it’s too late. After reading this post, you will learn how to calm your anxiety.

It is not healthy to have no concern

Before you start, imagine a student who has no worries about his future. This person will have a hard time setting goals for himself because he has no worries. If you have a sufficient level of anxiety, you can motivate yourself and shape your future. Sometimes our anxiety goes out of control and causes disruption in our lives. Today we will write about how we can get rid of this type of anxiety. We mentioned that the excessive anxiety felt has some negative effects on our body. If the extreme anxiety condition lasts for a long time, our cardiovascular systems can be seriously damaged. As a result, the risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes increases.

anxiety disorder

30% of people experience anxiety at a time in their lives

According to studies, 30 out of every 100 people feel anxiety at some point in their lives. This situation, which starts especially in childhood or adolescence, can cause greater damage in the future if it lasts for a long time. Individuals who go through this period tend to think the worst of every situation in their future lives. In some cases, they may even lose control. If this is the case, we recommend getting support from an expert. But if your anxiety and worries are mild, you can change it positively by applying the tips in this article. Let’s see how to calm your anxiety step by step.

There are 6 tips to calm your anxiety

Time needed: 4 minutes.

  1. Think about what caused your anxiety

    First of all, you need to discover what is stressing and worrying you. In fact, when you think calmly, you will realize that we never think about the events that happen to us in our daily life. When you think about it, you may discover what worries you unnecessarily. This discovery will help you realize how unnecessary your anxiety is.

  2. Confront the factors that cause anxiety

    Once you discover situations that worry you unnecessarily, it is helpful to confront them. If the level of your anxieties is not very high, facing them will increase your awareness. Once you face this, you will realize how unnecessary your worries are.

  3. Change your mindset

    After thinking enough and facing your fears, you can change your mindset to avoid making the same mistakes again in the future. In this way, you can prevent your quality of life from deteriorating again. Because long-lasting unnecessary worries will occupy your mind very much. Once you get out of this situation, you can convince yourself that it was unnecessary.

  4. Take a deep breath

    Whenever you feel anxious, pause and take a deep breath. Because taking deep breaths in moments of anxiety will increase your release of endorphins. The increase in this hormone will make you relax. By doing so, you can give yourself time to think more calmly. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, you can prevent your worries from increasing by creating spaces like this.

  5. Avoid multitasking

    Avoid multitasking when your anxiety level is high. As your mind will get tired in such situations, your anxiety level may increase even more. Therefore, when you feel anxious, it will be very helpful to stop and take a deep breath and rest a bit instead of preoccupying your mind. This will help you to calm your anxiety.

  6. Watch what you eat and drink

    The food you eat and the drinks you drink have a direct impact on your thinking. For example, caffeinated drinks can increase your anxiety level. On the other hand, kefir and yogurt consumption is perfect for calming you down. In addition, take care to consume foods such as bananas, fish, eggs, chicken and carrots that strengthen your nervous system.

  7. Learn to relax

    You can try to relax with techniques such as breathing exercises, meditation or yoga. Regular relaxation exercises can significantly reduce your anxiety in the long run. Also, with psychotherapy, you can find the real causes of your anxiety and get rid of them.


To sum it up, as we mentioned in our post, almost all of us have an anxiety disorder at some point in our lives. But the issue we have to follow here is “how long this situation lasts”. If this process is taking too long and is disrupting your quality of life, you need to fix it. In addition, if your anxiety level is not too high, you will feel much better and more confident with the tips we mentioned above. Apart from this, if you are also having problems with anxiety and self-confidence, we strongly recommend that you read our post on detecting and eliminating lack of self-confidence. But it is important to remember that people with higher anxiety levels should get professional support. For any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us in the comments section.



There are 6 tips to calm your anxiety
1-      Think about what caused your anxiety
2-      Confront the factors that cause anxiety
3-      Change your mindset
4-      Take a deep breath
5-      Avoid multitasking
6-      Watch what you eat and drink
7-      Learn to relax

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