How to Communicate Effectively

how to communicate effectively

Humans have communicated since their existence. Communication has played a very important role in the establishment and development of civilizations. Also, because humans are social beings, they have to communicate. In today’s age, communication can be established much faster. But just because communication is fast doesn’t make it efficient. Therefore, effective communication has become a very important issue. After reading this post, you will discover how to communicate effectively.

What Is Effective Communication

In its simplest terms, effective communication is the ability to convey the message you want to give to the other party in the clearest and fastest way. During the day, people do many complex operations. While business life is so busy, lack of communication can make things even more difficult. That’s why effective communication is now more important than ever before.

On the other hand, it is also important to accurately convey a message you want to give to the other party. You can be a good narrator. But if you cannot speak the language that the other party understands, you cannot communicate effectively.

Therefore, it is very important to understand the person in front of you rather than being very intelligent. Individuals with developed emotional intelligence can better understand and communicate effectively. At this point, we recommend that you learn how to improve your emotional intelligence.

Things to Consider When Communicating Effectively

Things to Consider When Communicating Effectively

There are some issues that you should pay attention to when communicating with people. If you are more sensitive about these issues, you can communicate more effectively.

Now let’s examine the issues you need to pay attention to.

Be a Good Listener

There are several vital elements to communicating effectively with people. One of the most important things is to listen.

If you want to communicate effectively with people, you must be a good listener. It’s very important to stay focused when people are telling you something. Because thinking about other things while listening, prevents you from understanding the transmitted subject. Therefore, it is very important to listen to the person in front of you first.

be a good listener

Get Rid of Your Prejudices

It’s important to let go of your biases when you start listening. Because you cannot evaluate the subjects you listen to with prejudice in a healthy way. In fact, sometimes you look for fault in what the other person says instead of listening. To prevent such situations, put aside your prejudices and listen actively to the other person. Only in this way can you receive the forward message correctly.

Get Rid of Your Prejudices

Pay Attention to Your Body Language

According to studies, words are 10% effective, tone of voice 30% and body language 60% effective in a speech. So this means that body language is even more important than the words we use. As such, it would make sense to think a little more about the signals you give to the other side with your body.

In the first few seconds of communication, people get a sufficient opinion about the other person. Afterwards, this idea is a little difficult to change. In the first seconds, you give this idea to the other side with your body language.

So pay attention to what your body language is saying. When you are anxious or angry, prevent it from being reflected in your body language. For example, do not show that you are reluctant with your actions. Because this arouses negative feelings on the other side.

Get To Know Yourself and Others

Empathy is a very important skill. Understanding the other person will make you a much better communicator. It is also very important to know your own wishes and feelings well. Therefore, if you know what you want, you can convey what you want to the other party more accurately.

Likewise, understanding the feelings of the other party will take you one step ahead. You can eliminate potential conflicts with your emotional intelligence. By manipulating the emotions of the person you are communicating with, you can make communication even healthier.

Be Open to Criticism

Sometimes people use the wrong language when criticizing you. In such cases, focus on what the other person wants to tell rather than the way they say it. The other person may be using the wrong language against you. But maybe there is some truth in what they say. That’s why being tolerant is the right approach.

Listen to the reviews until the end. Be sure that you can learn from even the rudest person to improve yourself. Moreover, people who notice your tolerance will correct their style. Show people how open you are by keeping your calm.

Be Open to Criticism

What Are Some Common Barriers to Effective Communication?

One of the biggest obstacles to effective communication is prejudice. Correcting a communication that started with prejudice is even more difficult than you think. So before you start talking, imagine that you are going to make a fresh start. Sometimes people can be much more compatible than you think.

Try to discover their positive side by managing communication.

Secondly, sometimes people’s communication styles may not match. It is very difficult to find a middle ground in such situations. People with very different age, culture and intelligence levels may not be able to communicate effectively. In such cases, it is necessary to meet at least in common and try to maintain communication.

Remember, even the most inefficient communication is better than no communication at all.

how to communicate effectively

Lastly, misunderstandings are also an important barrier to effective communication. Oftentimes, people can be misunderstood because they do not listen to each other well. When this happens, the smallest problem can grow into serious problems. To prevent them, you must first be a good listener.

In addition, as we mentioned above, being tolerant and unprejudiced will remove obstacles.

Common Mistakes in Communication

If you want to learn how to communicate effectively, you should minimize your mistakes. Here are some of the frequently made mistakes:

  • Giving orders
  • Deflecting the topic
  • Giving advice unnecessarily
  • Mocking
  • Criticize harshly
  • Judging
  • Blame

As you can see, many mistakes are actually an attitude. When people feel that they are being approached in this way, they immediately become defensive. Dialogues in the form of attack-defense are not healthy.

In fact, sometimes when your intention is not to judge, criticize or blame people, your way of speaking may be perceived in this way. To avoid such misunderstandings, you should be careful with your words and body language.

How Would You Describe Good/Effective Communication?

Imagine 2 pilots flying the plane. As you know, pilots are the people with the most advanced communication skills. Let’s try to describe the ideal communication between them or with the air traffic controller. First of all, they should set the tone of voice well when talking to each other. Dictions must be correct.

how to be a pilot

In addition, they should listen to each other very well. Despite the hierarchy among them, they should not show superiority to each other. Because it is very important that people respect each other. Sincerity is the most ideal. They must admit their mistake. They should try to benefit from each other’s experiences.

Anyone who fits this diagram correctly can communicate effectively with the people around them. If you are wondering how to communicate effectively, you should visualize two pilot examples in your mind.


We are in communication with someone at every moment of our lives. The age we live in has now made communication easier. But as we said at the beginning, easy communication does not always mean effective communication. You can improve your communication skills by applying the recommendations above.

So, how do you think effective communication should be? What mistakes do you think we make in our daily life? For any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us in the comments section.

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