How to Convince Someone to Do Something

How to Convince Someone to Do Something

Generally speaking, all successful people are good communicators. People who communicate well can convince others more easily. The ability to persuade people is as important as the ability to communicate. Because we constantly use our persuasion ability to make people accept our ideas in our business and private lives. Do you think there is a magic way to persuade people? Is it hard to convince people to do something? In this post you will discover how to convince someone to do something.

Human beings begin to communicate from the moment they are born. Even as a baby, we communicate with people. Babies who try to persuade people by crying at first have to develop this ability as they get older. Because getting your ideas accepted by those around you will be something you need very much.

Individuals who can communicate effectively with others are much more successful in their social lives.

Persuasion Does Not Mean Manipulation

However, persuasion should not be confused with manipulating. It is not wrong to make people accept your thoughts that you believe and trust. You want to do a useful job convincing people. But manipulators may also want to manipulate other people, sometimes just for their own benefit.

manipulators want to manipulate other people

Sometimes you want to get a project accepted by your manager. Sometimes you want to get a smoker to stop smoking. In either case, it is not easy to change people’s minds. Because people are at the center of their own world. They don’t like to think they’re wrong. Therefore, they may not want to admit their mistakes or accept the truth of others. As such, convincing people has also become an art. Let’s think more deeply about how we can persuade people to do something.

Persuasion Is Part of Our Life

When you think more deeply, persuasion plays a huge role in our lives. You want to persuade your boss for the promotion. Ladies want to persuade their husbands to buy the car they want. Men want to persuade their wives to go on vacation with their friends. Sometimes you even have to persuade your brother to bring you a glass of water.

That’s why persuasion is a weapon you use in every moment of your life. You can make your life easier by developing this skill. Before you develop your persuasion skills, you also need to learn how to communicate effectively with people. Because only if you can communicate effectively with people can you have an impact on them. Apart from this, if you cannot clearly convey your feelings and thoughts to the other party, it is very difficult to be a successful persuader.

learn how to communicate effectively
Before you develop your persuasion skills, you also need to learn how to communicate effectively.

6 Great Advice to Convince Someone to Do Something

Now you can convince people more easily with 6 great tips we will give you.

Try to Understand People’s Habits

People are slaves to their habits. It is very difficult to let go of acquired habits. Sometimes people may not want to give up their habits, even if they know how wrong it is. At this point, it is very important not to judge people. Because we all have habits that we can’t quit. We need to accept people that way. Therefore, as the first step, it is necessary to admit that everyone has habits that they do not give up. Then we need to act without judging people.

Respect People’s Beliefs

People react to any proposal that goes against their own beliefs. When talking to people, you shouldn’t talk negatively about their beliefs. Above all, you must make them feel that you respect them. Respect should form the basis of your communication. If you are going to make a suggestion contrary to their beliefs, you should know that you will encounter a reaction. Accordingly, you should soften your rhetoric a little more. That way, you won’t hurt them either.

Try to Understand People’s Emotions

It is generally thought that a high IQ is sufficient to measure how intelligent people are. But now EQ has become more and more important. Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, manage and direct a person’s feelings about himself and others. In order to persuade people, you need to have a high emotional intelligence. If you can understand the feelings of the other person and learn how to direct them, you will be very persuasive. Therefore, it will be beneficial for you to learn how to improve your emotional intelligence. 

Try to Understand People’s Emotions
Try to understand people’s emotions.

Give Emotional Trust

To get people to do something, you have to make them feel safe. People unconsciously want to make choices in which they can be safe. If you can create this emotional trust environment, you can convince them more easily. For example, let’s say you want to sell a product to a customer. You must first convince the customer that the product will not harm them in any way. Before buying something, people may think that they will be harmed financially. The buyers want to know that the product will not cause any problems in the future. So to persuade people, as in this example, make them feel emotionally secure.

Make People Feel Included in Your Decisions

People want to be the absolute decision maker about the events that take place in their lives. For example, women do not like fast food. They want their own efforts in the food they cook. Just like that, people want to have an absolute say in the decisions they make. So if you want to persuade people, involve them in the decisions made. Ask them to give their opinion, too. Do not make their ideas worthless when describing how logical the path you have chosen is.

Make People Feel Valued

People want to feel valued. Because they are always the leading roles in their lives. According to them, everything exists for them. While there is a feeling of being so valuable, if you act in the opposite direction, you will not be able to convince them. If you want to make someone accept something, first make that person feel valuable. In fact, everything in this world has already been put at the service of humans.

Make People Feel Valued

People want to be powerful as much as they want to be valuable. They even want to show everyone that they are strong. Therefore, give up approaches that will make them feel powerless and worthless. Making the person you want to persuade feel valuable is one of the most important steps you will take.

Give Stubborn People More Time

Before making a decision, people want to be motivated about it. That’s why it’s important to understand people’s motivation. What is insignificant to one may be of greater value to another. At this stage, don’t judge anyone because of their interests.

Sometimes people don’t want to quit their habits. As such, it becomes much more difficult to persuade them. Therefore, it is necessary to give more time to such people. We need to think about the reasons behind their behavior.

It is particularly difficult to persuade people with harmful habits to quit. Do not rush to motivate them. You need to explain in detail how much their habits hurt them. Try to motivate them by telling them about the positive developments that will take place in their life after quitting these harmful habits.

Sometimes people can pay a lot of money for a cream so that their skin does not age. But if you pay attention, quitting smoking also prevents skin aging. The same motivation is used in applying cream and quitting smoking. Therefore, try to explain to the other person that it is wise to use the more logical method to go the same way.

quitting smoking also prevents skin aging

Finally, we would like to express that if you want to convince someone about something, you must first believe and experience it. You can’t talk to someone about the harms of smoking when you have a cigarette in your hand. If you’re obese, you can’t persuade anyone to diet. If you’re a college student who never studies, you can’t motivate your younger sibling to study. So before persuading someone, check to see if you’re contradicting yourself.

So what methods do you use to persuade people? What are your biggest challenges when trying to persuade people? If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to contact us in the comments section.

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