How to Improve Emotional Intelligence

how to improve emotional intelligence

People with high emotional intelligence are generally more successful in their business and social lives. Recently, experts have pointed out that it is not enough just to have a high IQ to be successful. Moreover, people with a sufficient level of EQ adapt much better to the social environment they are in. Also, it is easier for them to achieve success. This topic is very important. Therefore, people ask, “Can emotional intelligence be developed?” The answer is YES. EQ is a concept that can be developed. After reading this post, you will discover how to improve emotional intelligence.

Generally, Successful People Have High Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

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9 Great Tips to Improve Emotional Intelligence

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How to Improve Emotional Intelligence

  1. Express More Empathy

    Expressing more empathy towards others increases your awareness. So that, you can discover that people have different ideas behind their actions. This discovery reduces your reactions and allows you to understand people better. Forgiving people for their mistakes also greatly improves your personality.

  2. Don’t Be Bothered to Apologize

    We are all human. We can all make mistakes. Apologizing shows that you value the other person. Moreover it prevents you from making mistakes in the future. In this way, you take responsibility for your emotions. Additionally, all these improve your personality a lot.

  3. Be Positive With Criticism

    Being criticized can sometimes make us angry. Sometimes criticism is an opportunity to improve ourselves, even if it is conveyed in the wrong language. Therefore, it is helpful if you are positive towards criticism. You also learn to be open-minded to the feelings of others.

  4. Know How to Live in the Moment

    Don’t waste your energy thinking about the past. Becase, there is no point in getting stuck in the past after taking the necessary lessons. If you think too much about the past, it will keep you from the present. Likewise, you should not worry too much about the future. Living in the moment will make you more successful.

  5. Don’t Judge Others

    Stop judging the people around you. Because, no one succeeds by judging those around them. Trying to see things through their eyes improves your mind. Additionally, thinking more broadly can open up more opportunities.

  6. Avoid Making Decisions Without Thinking

    At some moments, people cannot immediately understand how they are feeling. Therefore, do not rush to understand your feelings in such situations. Thinking a bit before you act will also reduce your chances of making mistakes.

  7. Be Consistent With People

    Keep your promises to people. This will increase your prestige. Also, making a habit of helping people will make you happy. Help others, big or small. Being a consistent and honest person will make you feel better.

  8. Turn Obstacles Into Advantages

    See obstacles as opportunities to improve yourself. Because you will become stronger as you overcome each challenge. Also, each process will teach you new things. In the meantime, always try to learn. Ask yourself thought-provoking questions.

  9. Remember, You Have an Impact on Others

    You have an effect on others. How you treat them changes many things. So be mindful of the effect you have on people. When you first meet them, stay away from topics such as politics and religion. Do not lose your self-confidence. Also you should make people feel that you are a good listener in your dialogues with people.

Work Hard to Improve Your EQ

To sum up, if you want to improve your emotional intelligence, you have to work hard. Firstly, you have to discover yourself. You should know your shortcomings well. Additionally, it will be beneficial for you to learn a lesson from every event you experience. Pay more attention to the personal space of the people around you. As a result of hard work can you improve your emotional intelligence. The tips we listed above will help you a lot on your way to success. For any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us in the comments section.


How to improve emotional intelligence?

1-     Express More Empathy
2-     Don’t Be Bothered to Apologize
3-     Be Positive With Criticism
4-     Know How to Live in the Moment
5-     Don’t Judge Others
6-     Avoid Making Decisions Without Thinking
7-     Be Consistent With People
8-     Turn Obstacles Into Advantages
9-     Remember, You Have an Impact on Others

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