How to Stop Procrastinating

how to stop procrastinating

We all have things we don’t like to do in our daily life. But sometimes we have to do these things even if we don’t like them. Because we all have responsibilities in this life. Sometimes people may want to avoid this responsibility in order not to face negative emotions. In this article, we will examine how to stop procrastinating without running away from our responsibilities.

Procrastination is not always caused by laziness. People often procrastinate because they do not manage their emotions. Sometimes people avoid the negative emotions they will experience while doing something they don’t like. In fact, they postpone those difficulties in order not to suffer at that moment. But sometimes, no matter how much you procrastinate, you have to do something. In such cases, procrastination causes disruptions in your life. In order not to experience these disruptions, it is necessary to get rid of this disease.

Stop Procrastinating

Even if people put off things to feel better, it makes them more unhappy in the long run. Because procrastinating all the time will cause bigger problems in the future. Also, procrastinating constantly can become a habit after a while. This behavior also leads to a decrease in your motivation. At this point, it is also very important to learn how to motivate yourself.

Delayed Gratification

If you put an option “now or later” in front of people, they will generally choose “now”. They want to enjoy now, to experience instant gratification. In general, people who aim for greater happiness later in life are more successful. Because there is hard work behind almost every success. People do not like to work hard by nature. For this reason, only individuals who work hard and delay their enjoyment can be successful.

Delayed gratification is one’s resistance to momentary gratification in the hope of obtaining a more valuable reward in the long run. To illustrate with an example, let’s consider a student. Studying is a boring activity for all of us. For a student who needs to study, it is much more enjoyable to leave work and play video games. But every student must study at a certain time in his life. Here, the student has two choices. Studying or playing video games. Even if playing video games is very enjoyable momentarily, studying will have much more benefits in the long run.

Therefore, it is necessary to learn to delay gratification. Because in order to reach a greater reward later on, it is necessary to work hard now. In fact, some tasks that seem cheesy can benefit us a lot in the long run. On the other hand, taking shortcuts can make our minds lazy. Constantly procrastinating can turn it into a habit. If this turns into a habit, it will be very difficult for you to improve yourself. If you are experiencing difficulties like these, it’s time to stop procrastinating.

5 Great Advice to Stop Procrastinating

Here are 5 great tips for you.

Admit That You Are a Procrastinator

Sometimes it is very difficult for people to admit their mistakes. But acknowledging the problem is a good start in any personal growth journey. Admitting that you are procrastinating will get you one step closer to a solution. Our minds can often mislead us.

Your mind may cause you to think that it actually makes sense to procrastinate. In such cases, boldly turn to look for the reasons behind your procrastination. Admit to yourself that this is a problem and will cause more problems in the future. In addition, sometimes there are very logical reasons for procrastination. Do not confuse such situations with others. Do not be afraid to postpone the situations where you really have to postpone.

Discover Your Reason for Procrastination

First, try to discover why you are procrastinating. Do you have a valid reason? Or are you just procrastinating because of your laziness?

Why you are procrastinating. Do you have a valid reason?

In fact, for most people, the reason for procrastination is emotional. People avoid certain things because they cannot manage their emotions. They postpone it now to avoid trouble, and it gives them pleasure to avoid this difficulty. That’s why you must first learn to manage your emotions. You must learn not to trade short-term pleasures for long-lasting and unending successes. If your reason for procrastination is emotional, learn how to control your emotions. If your reason for procrastination is laziness, it is much easier to solve.

Don’t Criticize Yourself Harshly

Although the people around us constantly criticize us, we usually make the most severe criticism of ourselves. We can all be very kind to the people around us. But when it comes to ourselves, we become a very tough critic. Don’t be too hard on yourself when you procrastinate or fail at something. Everyone fails or procrastinates at some point in their life. You will lose your self-esteem if you are too harsh and critical of your cat inside. After a certain stage, the feeling of failure is felt more. When things get unbearable, you don’t want to do anything anymore. You procrastinate everything you do. So be more compassionate to yourself to stop procrastinating.

Visualize the Next Bigger Rewards

There are times when we all get so tired that we don’t want to do work and postpone our tasks. In fact, it is an indispensable part of life. Sometimes you also need to reward yourself.

But you have to be much more disciplined when you should stop procrastinating. In such cases, imagine the reward you will receive at the end of the work you have to do. Now you can quit this job and do more enjoyable activities. But if you don’t prefer this and work hard, you will get more pleasure at the end of the job. So, visualize this last step and motivate yourself to reach that moment. Remember, first you have to dream.


If you want to start a business and keep putting it off, try making a sharp decision and starting right away. Force yourself into it. Sometimes just getting started can motivate you. Getting started is half of finishing. Once you take the first step, things will get easier. The important and difficult step is the first step. So push yourself a little harder for the first step. If you procrastinate all the time, it becomes a behavior. After a certain level, you will be much more hesitant to start a new job. Sometimes you may even start to feel anxiety. You must take a step before things get to this stage.


We all experience some problems at some point in our lives. The important thing is to get through these periods with the least damage. You don’t want your harmful habits to live with you for life. Therefore, you should constantly motivate yourself and not lose your self-discipline.

After reading this article, take a step for the things you postponed. Do the activity you always wanted to do but put off. Make plans. Look for ways to motivate yourself. Find good reasons for the work you need to complete. Don’t be a perfectionist. Don’t let failure scare you. Nobody can be successful all of a sudden. You can find success after many attempts. The important thing is to try to fulfill your duties without giving up.


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Now is the time to do something you’ve been putting off for so long.

Come on, get up and get to work…

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