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Have you ever thought about your self-confidence level? In this post we’re going to think about self confidence. We’ll list 11 symptoms that could be signs of a lack of self-confidence and give you some great tips on how to overcome them. Now Let’s begin with the first symptom

1-Having difficulties on decision making

Having difficulty making decisions is one of the first and most important signs of a lack of self-confidence. If you find it difficult to make decisions that normal people easily make in daily life, you may need to think more deeply about it. For example, if you can’t decide on your own, when buying an outfit, if you are too worried about whether people will like it or not, if you have trouble deciding on your own, which cafe you will go to, or even the restaurant where you will eat, this may be a sign of a lack of self-confidence.

2- Constantly needing others

Do you find it difficult to go out alone? If you are afraid of being alone and want someone to be with you wherever you go and every step of the way, these behaviors may be a sign of a lack of self-confidence.

3-Inability to take risks for oneself

If you can’t take risks for yourself and want to share that risk with someone, this is not a healthy way of thinking for you. Imagine that you are applying for a job.If you are sure that the rules are clearly stated for the job form that you will fill, but you still cannot fill it without asking the officer, we may assume that you are hesitating to take a risk on your own behalf. In some cases, even avoiding trying a new product or service can be considered risk aversion.

4-Inability to set boundaries in relationships

If you find it difficult to say no, even in relationships that hurt you, it can be a frustrating experience for you. A healthy-minded and self-confident person knows where to set limits.

5- Avoidance of social environment

Avoiding social environments and wanting to stay away from crowded places may be another reason for your lack of self-confidence. People who are afraid of expressing themselves in public are often the least self-confident. If you feel very nervous and stressed in such environments, it may mean that you have a lack of self-confidence.

6- Inability to express ideas

If you are unable to express your opinion openly in any setting, or if you prioritize the opinions of others and seek an opinion similar to your own, we may assume that you have low self-esteem. Healthy thinkers express their opinions without hesitation.

7- Feelings of guilt, feeling unloved, shame

Feeling guilty for no reason, seeing yourself as worthless and unloved, and expressing yourself with shy attitudes in every environment, are some of the most obvious signs of lack of self-confidence.

8- Being sensitive to criticism, being depressed and pessimistic

People generally don’t like to be criticized. But sometimes positive reviews can help us see and correct our mistakes and improve our quality of life. If you feel sensitive to criticism, getting into a depressive pessimistic mood when being criticized can be a sign of low self-confidence.

9- Feeling inadequate, dislike of physical appearance

People should know how to appreciate themselves before anyone else. They should motivate themselves in the areas they are competent in. And they should avoid judgment by overly criticizing themselves on the issues they feel inadequate, and seek ways to be motivated. If you see yourself as inadequate even in the areas you are successful in, especially if you complain about your physical appearance in every period of your life, this can be a strong sign that you have a lack of self-confidence.

10- Having low expectations

If your expectations from this life are very low, if you just want to live your life and don’t look for ways to be successful, your self-confidence is seriously damaged. Whatever happens, you have to find a way to get up and try again. Isn’t it time to set realistic and high goals for yourself?

How to Overcome Lack of Self-Confidence?

1-Discover your positive and strong sides

No matter how hopeless you are, you also have positive aspects. Make a list of them if necessary. Discover those perfect colors that make you who you are. Regain your self-love and self-esteem by exploring your positive aspects rather than focusing on your negative sides.

2- Identify the things that are important for you in life

Identify what you value and prioritize in this life and let those around you know about them. If you need to reach these values, don’t hesitate to put in an effort. Remember, the sum of what you value is your personality.

3- Plan to achieve your goals, break it down into stages

Before you work hard to achieve your goals, you need to have a good plan. Set realistic expectations for yourself and plan, schedule and stick to that plan to achieve them. Doing this will also increase your self-discipline. Your self-confidence increases quickly as you reach your goals step by step.

4-Pay attention to your appearance and clothing

Remember, your outer appearance is a reflection of your inner world. If you have a plan to do sports and get in shape, do not delay it. Dress to feel good, not to cover your body. Take care of your appearance more than ever before. People don’t just dress up on special occasions. Dress up for yourself and feel good. These seemingly insignificant behaviors will have a huge impact on your self-confidence.

5-Get hobbies, revive your past passions

Having hobbies keeps one’s mind away from obsessions and negative thoughts. It doesn’t matter if you make money from it or not. Get hobbies that make you feel good. Without waiting, pick up a pen and paper, identify the things you always want to do and do at least one of them. You will be surprised to see the positive impacts this behavior will have on your life.

6-Attend social events and environments

Be more active than ever before in social settings. Interact more with your friends in the environments you enter. Join events and make new friends.

7- Stop complaining and criticizing yourself

Do not complain about all the negativities that happen to you in your life. Some negative experiences can make you stronger than you can imagine. If you have a bad job, a bad house, a bad car, stop complaining and blaming yourself. Just focus on what you need to do to have better conditions. Remember, you have no chance to change the past, the future is full of uncertainties, but today is in your hands, discard your laziness and focus on your goals.

8- Be with people who support you, accept positive feedbacks

Make sure you have friends around you who always support you. If you have friends who avoid judging you for your mistakes and support you in every step you take, hug them tight. Accept the positive feedback you receive and do not hesitate to appreciate your own success.

9-Don’t try to be perfect

Our last and most important advice; Stop being perfect. Remember, no one is perfect. Your effort to be complete and perfect will tire you, wear you out, and take away the strength to try again. Love yourself and your mistakes. It is your mistakes as much as the right ones that make you who you are. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and not be perfect and take strong steps towards your goals. Don’t forget, nobody is perfect !

Do you know any other symptoms besides these symptoms that may be the cause of low self confidence. Have you ever exprienced these symptoms ? If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to contact us in the comments section.

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