The Importance of Places

How Places Affect Our Personality

Places have many different effects on people.

Places have many different effects on people. Sometimes when you enter a place, you have a bad feeling. Sometimes the places you are in give you confidence and peace. So why do you think we feel this way? How can places have such an impact on our feelings? In this article, we will explore the importance of places. After reading this article, you will understand how the places you live in have an impact on your feelings.

What Is the Sense of Place?

People constantly interact with others in their environment. The sense of place is a discourse used to characterize the feeling between people and places. The color, lighting, width and smell of the environment remind us of many things. For example, people who have a bad experience in a narrow room do not like narrow rooms. If the places they enter are small, their old experiences will come to their minds. Such situations can create a presupposition for us even for places we see for the first time.

Effect of Memory on Emotions

The human brain is a very complex structure. A person can hold vast amounts of information in his memory. Sometimes you realize that you clearly remember events that happened many years ago. In fact, this proves how strong our memory is. For example, if you smell the perfume of a person you love in another place, that person will come to your mind. Because your brain has associated that smell with that person. Likewise, the sounds heard at the time of fear trigger the same feeling of fear when experienced again.

brain can associate smells and humans

It is a fact known to all of us that our memory leads us to our previous experiences in this way. Likewise, we can say that the places we live in have a great impact on our emotions. The smallest details in the environments we enter can remind us of our previous experiences. In addition, these experiences can trigger many different emotions. Let’s think deeper to understand the importance of places.

Memory Starts Recording From Birth

As a result of the research, it has been determined that all of us have a different rhythm of heartbeat. Just like our fingerprints, all of our heartbeats have a special rhythm. Let’s consider a baby. When babies are born, doctors lay them on their mothers’ breasts to calm them down and make them feel safe. Because until the baby is born, it constantly listens to its mother’s heartbeat in the womb. As you know, babies calm down when they hear their mother’s heartbeat.

As can be seen in this example, our sound memory is formed even in the first minutes of our lives. In the rest of our lives, similar feelings are triggered by similar sounds.

The Places You Grow Up Form Your Personality

We all grow up in different environments. While some people grow up in a very peaceful environment, some people grow up in violence. Think of a child who grows up in the home of parents who constantly fight. It is very normal for a child who grows up in such an environment to be prone to violence. Because if there is a constant fight in the environment where he grew up, he thinks that life is all about it. Therefore, the attitudes, thoughts and behaviors of the people in the places constitute the spirit of that place. The spirits of places are also a clear determinant in the formation of our personality.

Children who grow up in environments where there is fear and violence are more shy and insecure

As such, the places we grow up in have great effects on our personality. Children who grow up in happy environments are more self-confident. Children who grow up in environments where there is fear and violence are more shy and insecure. Therefore, as we mentioned above, places are very important. They remind us a lot. They play a very effective role in the formation of our personality. Therefore, while raising your children, it will be beneficial for their future to try to make their environment more non-violent and happier.

When we hear any sound or smell that reminds us of the environments we grew up in, or see places similar to those, we go back to the past. We remember our past experiences. That’s why some places that evoke good memories give us peace. On the other hand, places that evoke bad memories also make us feel uncomfortable. In other words, what places make us feel is completely related to our previous experiences.

So, do you feel such connotations in the places you are in? Have you ever encountered a trigger that reminds you of your past experiences? What effect do you think places have on people? Is there anything you want to say about the importance of places? If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us in the comments section.

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