what is emotional intelligence

What Is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence(Emotional Quotient), with its dictionary meaning, is the ability to understand, manage and direct one’s own and others’ emotions. People with high EQ are often more successful and balanced people in their lives. In fact, EQ is a measure that determines our social communication skills towards the people around us. After reading this post you will learn what is emotional intelligence.

Humans are social beings. They cannot live alone. Even in ancient times, people tried to live together in social environments. But being together brought some problems with it. People who do not think about the people around them and behave disrespectfully have always caused problems in society. It would be a very accurate guess to assume that such people have low emotional intelligence.

Those With High EQ Do Not Do Certain Behaviors

Yes, you heard right. It is more difficult to say something like “those with high emotional intelligence exhibit these behaviors”. But what people with high EQ will not do is clearer. For example, people with high EQ do not assign the responsibility of their lives to others. They don’t hesitate to apologize. And they forgive people more easily. Also emotional intelligent people are at peace with themselves. They don’t get stuck in the past, nor do they worry about the future. In fact, someone with high emotional intelligence is more likely to succeed. Individuals who are aware of their environment and themselves fulfill their own responsibilities without interruption. All these behavioral patterns make them even more self-confident.

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Why Emotional Intelligence Is So Important to Success?

Especially in recent years, emotional intelligence has become a more important concept. Because it has been discovered that it is not enough just to have a certain IQ level to achieve success in life. In order for a person to have a respectable place in his family and social environment, his EQ must be high. People with high emotional intelligence know themselves well. They can manage their emotions. They know how to motivate themselves. Such people have developed social skills.

You can guess that people with such personality traits can be more successful in business life. On the other hand, just think of an individual with a high IQ. Think of someone who is competent in their job. If they cannot communicate effectively with people, it is very difficult to be successful in business life.


Emotional intelligence is the ability of individuals to understand their own emotions first. It is also a skill that enables empathy, increasing motivation and developing a sense of self-confidence. Therefore, the importance given to the development of Emotional Quotient is increasing day by day. Each of us is in communication with other people throughout the day. Understanding how your own emotions affect your communication with the people around you will make a big difference.

Being aware of the ability of your emotions to affect people will also carry you to a successful point in human relations. Unlike IQ, EQ is a concept that can be developed. In order to achieve this development, it is necessary to be stable and pay more attention to personal development issues. If you want to learn what you can do to improve your emotional intelligence, we recommend you to read How to Improve Emotional Intelligence post. For any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us in the comments section.

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