Why Do I Hate My Job and What Can I Do for It

Why Do I Hate My Job and What Can I Do for It

We all have to work to meet our needs after a certain age. But sometimes work life can be very tiring. After all, if you’re doing a job you love, you won’t feel too tired. But if you do not love what you do, you will feel restless even if your work is not tiring. If you are asking yourself why I hate my job and what I can do for it, you are reading the right post.

Human needs are unlimited. In the society we live in, we all work to meet our needs. Maslow has a very beautiful pyramid that describes the needs of people. At the bottom of this pyramid are physical needs. When these needs are met, security and belongingness needs are met respectively. People feel uneasy, especially in business life, if they do not feel that they belong to the environment in which they work. Therefore, a sense of belonging is essential for a happy working environment.

 Maslow has a very beautiful pyramid that describes the needs of people.

How Do We Choose Our Professions?

Choosing a profession at a young age is not easy. In fact, most of the time, people have to choose professions other than their own preferences. The biggest mistake made in choosing a career is giving too much importance to the choices of others. Even when choosing a field at university, you may realize that you are making a choice in line with your family’s expectations.

Therefore, instead of living the life they want, people live the life that their families think is suitable for them. But people who make the wrong choice of profession in this way always feel a sense of regret for not being able to make their own choices. As a result, the job they do becomes a job they never wanted to do.

In general, if you ask why I hate my job, we can say that the first answer that comes to mind is the wrong field choice due to social pressure. In this way, some people choose a profession just to make the people around them happy. These people may have to do jobs they don’t like throughout their lives.

Some people choose a profession just to make the people around them happy.

Sometimes the Reason You Don’t Like Your Job Isn’t Because of Your Choices

Sometimes you may hate your job no matter how much you have chosen the profession you want to do. Because not loving your job isn’t always about your choices. You can choose your profession. But it may not always be possible to choose your managers.

If your manager is not a good leader, your work environment will be quite boring. Some managers do not want their workers to improve at all. Such people try to suppress you rather than create a comfortable working environment for you. That’s why working under a bad leader is one of the biggest factors that will make you hate your job.

Working Long Hours Will Make You Hate Your Job

The fatigue of people who work long hours is not only physical. Body fatigue can be relieved after rest, but psychological fatigue is a more difficult concept to eliminate. Therefore, if your working hours are getting longer than necessary, it will be very difficult for you to love your job.

In such cases, your commitment to your job will decrease, as the time you devote to your family and social life will be severely restricted. We also witness that managers and business owners assume that workers can work very long hours with the same motivation. Actually, this is not the case. If a worker is employed for longer than expected, it is almost impossible for that worker not to hate his job. That’s why working long hours and staying away from your family will wear you out.

Working long hours and staying away from your family will wear you out.
Working long hours and staying away from your family will wear you out.

Work Environment Is Decisive

Your work environment directly affects your commute. Even if you have very good managers at the company you work for, you may not want to go to work if your co-workers are not good. Colleagues who make the job even more difficult in the challenging working life can be very abrasive.

Likewise, we sometimes observe that people who work in jobs that push human limits hate their jobs. People who work in very hot, very cold or very dark environments may not generally like their jobs very much. Some hard work is quite difficult to perform. It is natural for people who work in this type of job to hate their jobs. The important thing is to produce a workable environment by trying to make the conditions better.

The Lack of a Reward System Affects Your Performance

People become motivated when they see the results of their work. In some work environments, the achievements of employees are not appreciated enough. In such cases, a lack of motivation may occur in the employees. If the achievements of employees are constantly ignored, it becomes impossible to talk about employees belonging to that workplace. Therefore, the motivation of the personnel will be low in work environments that do not have a reward system.

The Lack of a Reward System Affects Your Performance

In companies with a well-established rewarding culture, employees are more motivated. It makes them happy to see that their hard work pays off. This also provides an increase in employee performance. That’s why workers who work in work environments where the reward system doesn’t work generally hate their jobs. It is the employer’s responsibility to reverse this.

What Can You Do for It?

Let’s talk about a few ways you can apply if you hate your work environment and your job.

First of all, you should be very careful about your career choice. Work to realize your own dreams, not others. To do this, you must first discover yourself. Clearly define your own wishes before seeking advice from people around you. If you can’t choose a job that suits your interests, you run the risk of doing a job you don’t like. So work hard for your own goals without losing your self-discipline.

Try to spend more time with your family. If your working hours do not allow for this, ask your boss for permission to reduce your working hours. Explain to your boss that working for such a long time reduces your motivation. If you can spare enough time for yourself and rest, the problems in the work environment will be reduced even more.

Disruptions in your work environment will tire you. Therefore, look for ways to get rid of the negative factors in your work environment. Don’t focus on what your colleagues are saying about you. Try to create a successful service by focusing only on your business.

So, do you love your job? What can people do to love their jobs? What do you think are the issues that should be considered when choosing a career? If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to contact us in the comments section.

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