How to Save Battery on iPhone

how to save battery on iphone

Phones are very important now. In fact, for some of us phones are like a body part. Therefore, living without a phone is unthinkable for most of us. It’s also very annoying to run out of battery immediately. That’s why you need to pay attention to some issues in order not to have problems in daily use and to extend the life of your phone. In this post you will discover how to save battery on iphone.

How to check iphone battery health?

First of all, we would like to say that you can find out how much life your battery has left on iphone devices. You can view your battery health by clicking Settings>Battery>Battery Health. Maximum capacity compares the charge capacity of your phone between new and current state. In addition, low capacity may cause a decrease in usage time after charging.


Now let’s learn how to save battery.

10 Great Tips to Save Battery on iPhone

Time needed: 10 minutes.

How to Save Battery on iPhone

  1. Turn Off Raise to Wake

    Raise to wake feature allows the screen to light up automatically when you pick up your phone. But this may not always be useful. Because sometimes when we just want to take our phone in our hands, the screen can turn on. You can prevent unnecessary energy consumption by turning this feature off. This also helps extend your battery life.turn off raise to wake

  2. Use Airplane Mode in Low Coverage Areas

    In low coverage areas, your phone receives lower signals. Your phone spends more energy to receive these incoming signals. Because of that, using airplane mode in these areas will prevent you from running out of battery immediately.

  3. Turn Off Auto Brightness

    It consumes a lot of energy especially in sunny weather if auto brightness is on. In auto brightness mode, continuously rising and falling brightness can reduce your battery life. That’s why we recommend turning this feature off.

  4. Turn off Notifications for Non-important Apps

    Turn off notifications for apps that you don’t use often and don’t need notifications for. Because every notification received unnecessarily consumes battery.

  5. Limit Apps From Using Your Location

    Some apps may use your location to collect data. But when you check the permissions section, you will see that some of them are unnecessary. Restrict the permissions of apps that you think are unnecessary to use your location. Thus, you save more energy.

  6. Turn Off Haptic Vibration

    Especially the haptic vibrations you use on the keyboard, will shorten your battery life in the long run. We recommend that you do not use these very tiny vibrations continuously.

  7. Turn on the Dark Mode

    We recommend using dark mode, especially if you are using an OLED iphone. Because light mode consumes more energy, it negatively affects your battery health.

  8. Use WiFi Where Possible

    Wifi usage is more efficient than LTE usage. That’s why we recommend using wifi connection wherever possible to save your battery health.

  9. Don’t Kill Apps

    Contrary to popular belief, it is unnecessary to close background apps on the iPhone. Because when you exit an application on an iPhone, the device saves the last state of that application, so it doesn’t use any processing power. If you close the apps constantly, it will take more CPU energy to open them again.

  10. Turn Off Siri if You Are Not Using It

    Turning off Siri if you’re not using it will reduce battery consumption. In this way, you will protect your battery health in the long run.

Can you increase the battery health life of your iPhone?

Just like everything in nature, electronic devices also lose performance over time. You cannot stop this. Moreover, you cannot reverse this flow. So your focus should be on how long you can maintain your battery health.

Changing your battery, which gets a little older with each use, is sometimes the only solution. Therefore, you cannot increase the maximum capacity value of your battery. But if you follow the tips above, you can learn how to save battery on iphone. Also you will learn how to prevent it from decreasing quickly.

What Is a Battery Charge Cycle?

what is battery cycle

A battery charge cycle is the manufacturer’s specified amount of cycles for a battery. One charge cycle means charging the battery from 0% to 100% and discharging it from 100% to 0%. That is, once your battery is fully charged and discharged. Charge cycles are generally between 300-500. However, Apple devices are designed to retain up to 80% of their original capacity over 400 full charge cycles. If it drops below 80% before the cycle is complete, there may be a problem.

What Is Optimized Battery Charging on iPhone?

With iOS 13, Apple offered its users a feature called optimized charging. With this feature, your device learns your daily routine and estimates how long the iPhone will stay in the charger when you go to bed at night. After a while, it will learn that the device was uncharged at 9 am, for example.

Based on this information, your iPhone won’t fully charge as soon as you plug it in. Instead, the iPhone battery charges to about 80% and won’t go up to 100% overnight. Just before 9 o’clock, it will charge to 100% and it will be fully charged when you pick up your phone. This prevents your battery from staying at 100% charge all night. And this process helps you to save battery on iphone.

what is optimized batter charhing, learn how to save battery on iphone by using this feature

What Is a Good Battery Health for an iPhone?

Battery health depends entirely on how you use your phone. Because while some do not tire their phone very much, some can do very heavy operations. If you play a lot of games, the situation may change. There are different parameters that change the situation, such as excessive internet use or the times of being plugged into a charger. But as a result, we can consider 80% and above battery health as good grades.

How to Maintain an iPhone Battery’s Health at 100%?

As we mentioned above, it is impossible to keep battery health at 100% for long periods of time. Because batteries, which are made up of many chemicals, age over time, just like everything else. From this point of view, it is impossible to keep battery health at 100%. But you can slow this decline by following the advice we mentioned above.

What Drains iPhone Battery the Most?

Sometimes, no matter what you do, you can’t prevent your battery from running out quickly. This problem may be software or hardware related. Therefore, you should pay special attention to both issues.

Issues you need to pay attention to as hardware;

poor quality phone cases
Thick phone cases can slow down signal reception.
  • Poor Quality Phone Cases
    • Some poor quality phone cases may have closed connection points of the phone. Therefore, your phone may have difficulty receiving signals. This leads to more energy consumption and faster battery drain.
  • Use Your Own Charger
    • Poor quality chargers will shorten your phone’s battery life in the long run. Because the current flowing in it can change. These devices, which sometimes charge fast and sometimes slow, may not be fully compatible with your iPhone. Therefore, using your original charger will be more beneficial for your phone.
  • Too Cold or Hot Weather
    • When the weather is very cold, your phone will use more energy to work. That’s why you can carry your phone in a warmer pocket in cold weather. Also, if the environment you sleep in is very cold, you can put your phone in a warmer place. On the other hand, overheating your phone is also not good. You can learn how to get rid of it by reading How to Stop Phone From Overheating post.

What you should pay attention to about the software;

dont close the background apps on iphone
  • Background Apps
    • Some apps consume a lot of energy in the background. In fact, sometimes after installing an app, we notice that our battery drains faster. To examine such cases, check the battery consumption of the applications and delete the apps that consume excessive battery. It will also be beneficial for you to keep your applications up-to-date.
  • Screen Brightness
    • Sometimes, even if you don’t notice, the light of your screen can stay at maximum. In fact, at times, automatic sensors can break down and the brightness may increase more than necessary. That’s why it’s helpful to keep your screen brightness at an optimum level. Also, using a dark theme reduces battery consumption between 20%-25%.
  • Check Battery Health
    • Check your battery health. If it’s below 80%, your battery is likely to run out faster. Because used batteries run out faster over time. If your battery health is even worse, you may want to consider replacing your battery.
  • Limit Your Use of Widgets
    • The widgets you use may cause excessive energy use in the background. Because they constantly update themselves every time you open the screen. That’s why getting rid of widgets can make your phone drain slower.

When Should I Change My Phone Battery?

Battery replacement is at your discretion. There is no exact ratio we can give for this question. Because some people don’t mind charging more often. For some, this rate is very high, while others can tolerate it down to lower percentages. But in general, we can say that it is time to change the battery of phones whose battery health is below 50%.

When Should I Change My Phone Battery?
We can say that it is time to change the battery of phones whose battery health is below 50%


To sum up, it is possible to extend the battery life of your phone with some minor settings. If you want to save the battery health of your phone, you should carefully follow the tips given above.

So what are you doing to extend your battery life? Is there anything else you would like to say in addition to the tips given? For any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us in the comments section.

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