How to Speed Up Android Phone

how to speed up android phone

Smartphones have now become a very important part of our lives. We now do most of our daily operations on our smartphones. It can be a little frustrating for these devices to run slowly and give errors. As this slowdown increases, our business may be disrupted and we do not want this at all. Thankfully, there are a few things we can do to speed up our android phones in particular. In this post, we will discuss how to speed up an android phone. Let’s get started.

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How To Speed Up An Android Phone (6 great tips)

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  1. Free up storage space

    As with any other technological device, the first thing you need to do to speed up your android phone is to free up storage space. A full storage space slows down all devices. For example, for Samsung phones, you can manage storage space by using the device care tab in the up your storage

  2. Reset your phone periodically

    This tip may seem a little illogical, but you will find it very useful. Most of us don’t feel the need to turn off our phones for long periods of time. Applications that we use and close during the day put tiny little bits in memory. So, the more apps you open and close, the busier the phone memory will be. As a result, your phone will become heavy. Restarting frees up memory and the phone usually runs faster after restarting. You can also use the auto restart feature on android phones.reset your phone periodically

  3. Keep your Android version up to date

    In general, the first thing that people who want to speed up their android device do is to keep their phone up to date. This is true to a certain extent. With the updates, the performance of your phone will increase. But if you have a device that is a few years older, the situation can be reversed. You should also pay attention to this issue.Keep your Android version up to date

  4. Clean your home screen

    Using widgets such as weather, news feeds, email on your phone’s home screen can slow down your system. Every time you wake up your phone, these widgets will work and update themselves and this will slow down your phone a bit. Therefore, cleaning your home screen will help speed up your phone.Clean your home screen

  5. Clear your data stores/cache

    Applications store your data so that they can be opened faster at the next startup. When you check the size of an application again after a while, you will see that it has increased. Here you can speed up your phone by clearing unnecessary stored data and cache. You can use the applications, or you can clean it with the settings in the device care tab of some phones. Files by Google is a useful application that you can use in this area.Clear your data stores/cache

  6. Factory Reset

    If all these procedures fail, you can do a factory reset to speed up your android phone. In this way, you will reset all cookies, cache and storage areas at once.Factory Reset


In this post, we told you how you can produce solutions to the problem of slowing down android phones. In addition to all this, it will cause your phone to slow down overheating. Therefore, it is also useful to read how to stop phone from overheating post. By following the tips given above, you can achieve a noticeable speedup on your phone. In fact, if we think in more detail, the processes we will do to accelerate the technological devices are very similar to each other. You will also realize this when you read our tips for speeding up the Windows 10 system. Basically, to speed up your devices, you need to keep them up to date, do the necessary cleaning and not tire them out. For any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us in the comments section.

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How to speed up android phone?

There are 6 tips that you can follow to speed up your smartphone.
1- Free up storage space
2- Reset your phone periodically
3- Keep your Android version up to date
4- Clean your home screen
5- Clear your data stores/cache
6- Factory Reset

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