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In recent years, computers have become our biggest helpers. They are now indispensable devices for us. Although the use of mobile devices for Internet access has increased, computers still remain popular. The slow operation of these devices can make us a little angry. Therefore, people use speed up tips for their computers that slow down over time. In this post, we will talk about how to make the windows 10 operating system faster. Let’s learn how to speed up Windows 10.

Now let’s see how we can speed up the Windows 10 operating system step by step for users who say “my computer has slowed down”. You can speed up the computer by applying the tips in the list below. Some of the settings we will describe may already be installed on your computer. So if you apply these settings as a whole, you will see your computer will speed up.


Time needed: 4 minutes.

  1. Free up storage space

    Our computers have limited storage space. When the storage spaces reach high limits, your device starts to work slowly. In such cases, deleting unnecessary files from your disk may be the first solution. If there is not enough space available, you can get an additional driver. Moreover, instead of buying a new SSD or HDD, you can also buy cloud storage services. With cloud storage services, you can free up enough space on your hard drives by storing your files online.

  2. Close unnecessary running programs

    You can see the programs running on your computer by right-clicking on an empty area on the taskbar. It will be healthier to wait a few minutes after the screen turns on. The more programs open in this list, the slower your computer will be. Close the apps on this list that you don’t need. Thus, you will lighten the processor and your computer will speed up.

  3. Close programs running in the background

    Even if you are not aware of it, many programs may be running in the background of Windows 10. Some programs (Skype, netflix, windows tips) may continue to work even if you close the application. In addition, bluetooth devices, VPN programs, and some antivirus programs can run continuously in the background, slowing down your device. Detecting and closing these programs will speed up your device.

  4. Reduce startup apps

    The programs that will start when you turn on your computer, such as background applications, are determined by Windows 10. Click the startup tab on the task manager screen. In this area, you can specify the programs you want to run directly when you turn on your computer. We recommend that you check this list and remove programs that you do not need to use initially. After removing unnecessary programs from this list, your computer will boot faster.

  5. Stop anti-virus softwares

    When you are not doing risky activities, turning off anti-virus programs will speed up your computer. For example, let’s consider someone using visual design programs on their computer. Programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator are already programs that will tire your processor. Additionally, while using these applications, your computer is less likely to get a virus. In such cases, disabling the anti-virus program will speed up your device. Also, if you choose the sites you browse carefully, it may make sense for you not to use any anti-virus programs at all.

  6. Check your internet browser history

    Your internet browser keeps the cookies of the sites you enter in the background. In fact, these cookies are useful to prevent you from spending extra time on your next logins. But if we think more carefully, the number of websites that we do not want to enter again is quite high. Therefore, it would be unreasonable to keep the information of a site that we will not want to visit again. We recommend that you periodically delete your browser history so that you do not store the information of such sites unnecessarily. At the same time, clearing your browser history on a regular basis will allow you to browse the Internet faster.

  7. Check for updates

    Always follow the updates for your Windows 10 system or the hardware you use. If there is a new update and it is suitable for your system, make sure to update it. Updates are generally made to fix existing problems and improve system performance. Therefore, keeping your device constantly updated will contribute positively to the increase in performance.

  8. Stop auto sync

    Cloud storage services such as Google Drive and Yandex Disk may be automatically syncing your information in the background to make your job easier. Automatic synchronization can also cause your computer to run slowly. In such cases, using manual backup options will speed up your device.

  9. Take care of device cleaning

    Especially the dust accumulating on the cooling fan outlets can cause your computer to heat up. In such cases, the performance of your overheated computer will decrease. Since the high temperature will prevent the processor from working properly, the life of your device will be shortened in the long run. That’s why it’s important to keep your device clean and use an external cooler when needed.


You can speed up your Windows 10 system by following the steps listed above. The tips we give may have different effects depending on the brand and model of the computer. But in general, when you follow all the steps, you will feel an acceleration in your device. You can also do additional acceleration with some advanced settings. But we do not recommend changing the advanced settings without sufficient technical knowledge. Finally, you can click here to access all the other articles written on our website. If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to contact us in the comments section.


How can I speed up my computer?

1-     Free up storage space
2-     Close unnecessary running programs
3-     Close programs running in the background
4-     Reduce startup programs
5-     Stop anti-virus apps
6-     Check your internet browser history
7-     Check for updates
8-     Stop auto sync
9-     Take care of device cleaning

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