how to stop phone from overheating

How to Stop Phone From Overheating

One of the most common problems with smartphones is overheating. This causes many difficulties during use. Your phone may freeze and crash. In addition, we can say that the life of phones that are overheated for long periods of time is shortened. Therefore, users are looking for ways to cool their overheating devices. In this post, we will give you the answer to the question of how to stop phone from overheating.

First of all, you should know that your smartphones can overheat for many reasons. Sometimes there are software problems, sometimes there are hardware problems. In addition to these, playing games that require heavy processing power, heavy camera use and widgets running in the background will also heat the phone. Generally, when phones get hot, more electricity flows through them. This will weaken your battery life in the long run.

First, Discover Whether The Fault is Software or Hardware

We mentioned that the heating problem of phones can be caused by many reasons. Even if you take all the steps correctly in terms of software, sometimes the heating problem may not be solved. In some cases, even swelling of the battery can be observed. This may indicate a problem with the battery, processor, or other component. If you think that there is no hardware problem, you can fix the overheating problem by following the steps we will give you below.

We Have 7 Tips to Stop Phone from Overheating

Time needed: 4 minutes.

How To Stop Phone From Overheating

  1. Be Careful While Charging

    It is not good to leave your phone on charge for long periods of time. You need to make sure that you put it on a floor that does not heat up easily. Phones placed on the bed or pillow while charging will heat up faster. In addition, using the phone while charging will trigger the heating problem.

  2. Delete Unnecessary Apps From Your Device

    We recommend deleting the apps you don’t use from your phone. Applications that you do not use will fill the device memory for nothing. A device with full memory is more likely to overheat. In addition, some applications may be running in the background even if you do not use them at all. Therefore, it will be beneficial for your device to delete the applications that you do not use.

  3. Use Airplane Mode While Playing Games

    It is very useful to use your phone in airplane mode, especially when playing offline games. During the game, your phone’s processor and other components work excessively. When you turn on airplane mode, your phone loses connections such as internet and bluetooth. This will disable background apps. The processor that is not doing many operations at the same time will not heat up quickly. On the other hand, we would like to mention that your phone will charge 25 percent faster when in airplane mode.

  4. Do Not Use The Brightness at the Highest Level

    Using your phone’s light at the highest level causes more energy consumption. Devices that consume excessive energy heat up faster. Therefore, it is not wise to keep the light level of your devices at maximum. Instead, you can use the adaptive brightness feature, which is a feature you can find on many phones.

  5. Pay Attention to the Choice of Phone Case

    Some phone cases may heat up your phone because they are too thick. We recommend that you stay away from phone cases that will overheat your phone, no matter how fancy. To test this, you can use your phone without a case for a certain period of time.

  6. Always Close Apps Running in the Background

    Applications that remain open in the background will keep your phone busy. Closing the apps you don’t use regularly will help reduce the temperature of your phone. For this reason, we recommend that you close the applications that you do not use.

  7. Keep Your Applications Up-To-Date

    It will be useful for us to regularly update the applications we have installed on our phones. With these updates, we can provide many bug fixes. Bug fixed apps use less energy from your phone. This prevents your phone from overheating more easily.


Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives. We have shared with you a few tips that can solve the overheating problem of your phones. Following these steps will not only protect your phone from overheating, but also contribute to its acceleration. In addition, we especially recommend our users who use android phones to read how to speed up android phone post. As you will see, we can solve the overheating problem of our phones with a few simple tactics that we can apply. So how do you solve your overheating problem? What would you recommend in addition to these recommendations? For any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact us in the comments section.


How to stop phone from overheating?

1-      Be Careful While Charging
2-      Delete Unnecessary Apps From Your Device
3-      Use Airplane Mode While Playing Games
4-      Do Not Use The Brightness at the Highest Level
5-      Pay Attention to the Choice of Phone Case
6-      Always Close Apps Running in the Background
7-      Keep Your Applications Up-To-Date

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