How to Transfer Whatsapp From Android to iPhone

How to Transfer Whatsapp From Android to IPHONE

When iPhone users get a new iPhone, they can transfer all their data and Whatsapp histories to their new phone very easily. Likewise, android users can also easily transfer their information when they buy a new android phone. But when android users get a new iPhone, it can be a bit complicated to move their information. In this post you will discover how to transfer Whatsapp from android to iPhone.

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Transfers between phones with the same operating system are quite easy. You can transfer data via iCloud or Drive. But when the operating system changes, transfers turn into a nightmare for users.

WhatsApp, which we all use every day, has taken some steps to make this transfer easier for us. Let’s discover together how you can transfer your WhatsApp history from your android phone to iPhone.

There is now an app called Move to IOS in the Google Play Store. Thanks to this application, WhatsApp chat history, contacts, photos, videos, email accounts, calendars can now be moved to iOS.

How to Transfer Whatsapp From Android to iPhone

Time needed: 7 minutes.

How to Transfer Whatsapp From Android to iPhone

  1. Download the App

    Download the Move to IOS application to your Android phone.
    download move to ios app

  2. Proceed to terms and conditions

    Proceed and accept the terms and conditions.
    terms and conditions

  3. Go to the Find Your Code screen

    Go to the Find Your Code screen. Tap Continue when you see the “Move from Android” screen on your iOS device. Your iPhone must be unused or factory reset in order to pair with the Move to iOS app and migrate data on your Android phone. If your iOS device does not meet these requirements, you may not see the code on the screen.
    go to find your code screen

  4. Connect your iOS device’s temporary Wi-Fi network

    Your iOS device will create a temporary Wi-Fi network. Tap Connect to join this network on your Android device. Then wait for the “Export Data” screen to appear.

  5. Select the content that you want to transfer

    On your Android device, select the content you want to transfer. Afterwards, you can see that the process is complete on your Android device. But you shouldn’t do anything on either device until the loading bar on your iOS device is full. Do not keep your devices too far apart until the transfer is complete. Depending on the transferred content, the time may be longer.

  6. Complete setup process

    After the loading bar on your iOS device is full, tap Done on your Android device. Afterwards, complete the setup process for your iOS device by following the onscreen steps.

  7. Use same phone number on WhatsApp

    Open WhatsApp on your iOS device and log in using the same phone number you used on your old android device. Tap start and wait for the process to complete.

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